About Us

The Naked Dog Training is fairly unique in its formation.  Rather than we as trainers starting a business in search of clients, it was actually the pursuit of clients that started Naked Dog Training!

It all centers around our sister training center, Canine Protection International (CPI) started by John Whittaker nearly twenty years ago.

Naked Dog Training Photo for Northshore Magazine 1The growth of our first business, Canine Protection International (CPI), has been somewhat of a phenomenon.  “We started CPI with the simple notion that if we imported the finest dogs Europe had to offer, and provided the highest level of training available anywhere, people would want our dogs and seek us out.“  That they have done.

We developed a creative approach to training, and really care about dogs and their experience of working with us.  It seems people recognize this and appreciate our approach.  In a little over ten years, we have created an international clientele ranging from Hollywood celebrities such as Steven Seagal to professional athletes like Shaquille O’Neil, from senior White House Staff and politicians to professionals from every walk of life.

What would happen is after experiencing the level of off-leash control of CPI’s German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois our delivery trainers began returning with our client’s other pets to train.

“At first, we took family pets in for training as an exception.  We would deliver a German Shepherd and return with a Poodle.  Then it became the client’s neighbor’s Boxer returning with us.  Then the neighbor’s neighbor’s Westie.  We’ve had what seems like every breed ranging from Great Danes and Labradors to French Bulldogs, Boston Terriers and even a Chihuahua!  They have come from Los Angeles, Dallas, Hannover (Germany), Marbella (Spain), Toronto and Mexico City.”

Finally, we acknowledged this has gone far beyond a few exceptions.  Clearly we are in the business of serving pet owners.  We decided we might as well give what we do a name.  We looked at why people are willing to send their dogs to Boston from so far away. It was clear, pet owners are frustrated and need solutions. They want functional results they can rely upon. Ultimately by providing impeccable manners and complete off-leash control dogs end up spending more and more time off-leash. Dogs love being off-leash because it means freedom. If you’re a dog, off leash and enjoying freedom, the only thing better is being “naked” (no collar). While we are all about providing solutions, and functional results, the notion of enabling dogs to be “naked and free” became the ideal. Thus Naked Dog Training.