Getting Started

Naked Obedience vs Naked Solutions

Naked Obedience is the process of your dog learning to have impeccable manners and complete off-leash control. In the process of teaching Naked Obedience we also address behavioral problems.

Naked Solutions is our approach to just addressing behavioral problems.

Evaluation vs Immediate Enrollment

Whether you schedule just an initial evaluation or choose immediate enrollment your dog will be evaluated. For dogs who are immediately enrolled in one of our programs their evaluation takes place before we begin training.

Every dog is able to be trained in Naked Obedience, regardless of breed or age. Nearly every behavioral problem can be resolved, modified or at the very least controlled. If you know you want to enroll your dog in one of our programs, and you’ve chosen the specific program, then immediate enrollment is the way to go.

If you are not sure of which program to enroll your dog in, or whether or not you want to enroll your dog at all, an evaluation is the best place to start.

Day School vs Bed & Breakfast

We train your dog in either our Day School (9:00 to 5:00 Monday through Friday) or our Bed & Breakfast program. If you live within a thirty-minute drive from us our Day School may make the most sense. You can drop your dog off in the morning and pick him or her up in the afternoon. If your schedule does not allow for these daily trips to us we offer “pick up” and “return home” services.

For local clients going away, or live further than is practical for our Day School, our Bed & Breakfast program is for you. Naturally this is also the case for owners sending us their dogs from out-of-state. What is an option when your dog is a “guest” is having your dog stay at a trainer’s home versus in our boarding kennel. There is an additional fee which is paid directly to the trainer.

Pick-up and drop-off service available in Methuen, Haverhill, North Andover, Andover, Newburyport, Ipswich, Salem NH, Windham NH. The charge for pick-up and return depends on the location.