Naked Dog Training Programs

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What are Choices for Training Programs?

Our one training program, naturally called “Naked Dog Training”, includes the fundamentals of obedience, and complete off-leash control with a command said once in a pleasant tone – regardless of the situation.

Naked Obedience Training also includes your dog learning impeccable manners as well as resolving many common behavioral problems.

What’s included in Naked Obedience Training?

We include what we consider to be all of the basics, but teach them at a very high level. These include the following:

Obedience included: Informal Heel, Sit, Sit-Stay, Down, Down-Stay, Recall

Impeccable manners: walk on a slack leash, no jumping (people, furniture, tables, counters, etc.), “Bedtime” (lay on dog bed until told otherwise), “Wait” (stop or stay behind a boundary such as a doorway)

What is the Cost for Naked Dog Training?

Our base program is $2,500 and includes training, in-kennel boarding and two handling classes (two hours each).

We do offer additional training and boarding options. Below is a list of some of the many options available.

What Additional Options are There for Obedience?

We offer the formal heel as well as the sit-in-motion and down-in-motion as “add ons” to the base program.
We believe our informal heel exercise is more practical than the formal heel for most families. The down-in-motion (ability to have your dog down instantly even while walking or running at a distance) can be extremely useful in everyday life.

Other options include having your dog live in one of our homes rather than in our boarding kennel, having us train your dog in public, as well as home visits (for dogs staying at our kennel) to assist in integrating the training. We will be glad to go over all of the options during your dog’s evaluation.

What Additional Options are There for Behavioral Problems?

Most behavior problems such dog aggression and aggression towards people require Naked Obedience Training as a foundation in order to successfully address them.

Separation anxiety, a common behavioral problem, is the exception. Separation anxiety in most dogs can be addressed without the need of Naked Obedience Training. For most dogs it requires five days of instruction along with two handling classes.

What Additional Options are There for Additional Handling Instruction?

We include two classes of handling instruction at our training center with our Naked Obedience Program. There is a charge for additional handling instruction, as well as off site instruction.