What is Naked Dog Training?

get·ting na·ked

The act of your dog being free-spirited yet well mannered. The ability for your dog to enjoy off-leash freedom yet respond instantly to commands regardless of the situation.


Our training programs are all about outcomes. Functional outcomes. At the same time we are pretty philosophical about our approach to training. We believe the two combined is really what has brought us clients from throughout the United States and abroad.

A little bit about our philosophy. It’s warm and fuzzy but not just the “we love dogs” warm and fuzzy. It’s a little more heavy, deep and real. While none of our staff are Buddhists we deeply believe in their principle of “compassion to all sentient beings”. In non-Buddhist terms, compassion for all beings who have an individual experience of life. Your dog’s experience is different than any other dog, and his or her experience changes day by day, and even moment by moment. We believe if you are going to bring someone into your dog’s life in a meaningful way, they need to be committed to your dog’s personal experience. All the more so when that person is in a position of training your dog. At least that is how we see it. Therefore how we achieve our outcomes is just as important as the outcomes themselves.

Our approach is as much about your dog’s experience, him or her learning how to better understand themselves, their relationship with you and the world around them, as it is about impeccable manners and complete off-leash control.

The Challenge of Speaking Dog & Human

As with most relationships communication is a foundation for success. Unfortunately, at least as far as your dog is concerned, you speak human and they speak dog. This communication gap isn’t necessarily the root source of problems, but it’s likely plays a part. We solve this issue by teaching a third language we can all understand. That third language serves as a foundation for the rest of our training.

This common language, teaching what we call positions using our own form of marker training, positive motivational learning and remote training to mold and maintain behaviors are some of the many aspects to our approach. Our entire approach works synergetically to achieve one outcome: For your dog to enjoy the process of “getting naked”. For him or her to be free-spirited yet well mannered. Last but certainly not least, the ability for your dog to enjoy off-leash freedom yet respond instantly to commands regardless of the situation.