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Naked Obedience Classes and Naked Hybrid option

Dog training classes on Boston's North Shore and Southern New Hampshire

For owners who want to train their own dogs we offer two options:

weekly classes and our new hybrid option


Naked Obedience Classes $150 (60 minutes)


Our classes are designed for you and your dog. We want to achieve as much as possible in whatever direction(s) you choose. This may be addressing behavioral problems, teaching manners or working towards complete off-leash control or a combination of them. You may choose only one class or a series of classes. You can pay as you go, or purchase a package of classes for a discount. The curriculum for classes can be arranged with a consultation over the phone in advance or an evaluation. 

There are three parts to each class. First there is us training your dog while you are watching. This training done by our training staff includes at least two training sessions with your dog. The second part is to demonstrate your "homework". The third step is our trainer coaching you with your dog. You are prepared to make progress with your dog in the coming days.

If you are going to do a series of classes there is one additional part to each class starting with the second one. When you start a class you will be asked to first show us your progress. Don't worry, early on most owners demonstrate they are doing somethings right, somethings wrong and somethings they may have forgotten to do altogether. It's a start. We simply move forward with training, then address the mistakes when demonstrating the new homework. Of course prepare you for even better outcomes through our coaching.

Naked Obedience Hybrid $450 (5 training sessions and 1 class of handling instruction)


Our hybrid option is designed to get the fastest results possible while still training your own dog. The hybrid program is a combination of one day of day school (drop your dog off in the morning pick him or her up at the end of the day), and a class of handling instruction at pick up. During your dog's day of Day School he or she will receive at least 5 training sessions. These training sessions last anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes depending on your dog, and the curriculum. During these training sessions we will work on whatever outcomes are important to you. These can be addressing behavioral problems, teaching manners, working towards complete off-leash control or a combination of them.


The handling class at the end of the day will include demonstrating this week's “homework” followed by you being coached at this homework. This hybrid option is the fastest way to produce long-term functional results while doing the training yourself. As with our class option you may pay for a single hybrid session, or a series of them. You may pay-as-you-go or choose a package of hybrid sessions for a discount.

Additional Obedience Training Options

For owners who want to have all of the training done for them, and or want optimal results in the shorts period of time, see our comprehensive Board & Train options.

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