Naked Dog Training Classes

There are a lot of dog training classes available everywhere you turn. The question is are you looking for dog training classes or functional results? Your choice will determine what you accomplish.

Our naked classes are designed to provide the benefits of comprehensive training like dogs receive in our “bed & breakfast program” or day school programs without the need of being away from your dog for weeks at a time. 


Your dog of will spend one day a week with us receiving comprehensive training throughout the day. At the end of the day you will receive a class of training instruction that you do with your dog as homework each day during the week. 


There are three base programs, starting with step 1 and progressing to steps 2 and 3, if desired. Each of the 3 steps is a 3 week course.

Step 1 Is designed to lay the foundation for all of the control that takes place in steps 2 and 3. Make no mistakes, step 1 addresses behavioral problems, teaches manners, the fundamentals of obedience and is primarily on/leash but does offer some off-leash functionality. You will enjoy functional results with or without moving onto steps 2 and 3. 


For our signature results, impeccable manners and complete off-leash control with a command said once in a normal tone regardless of the situation you will likely want to continue with steps 2 and 3.


There are continuing education group classes to provide long term support (Getting to Naked) as well as an accelerated program (Naked Obedience Comprehensive) for dogs who qualify (requires a specific make up). 

Step 1: Naked Obedience Basics              

3 weeks with graduation guaranteed!


The curriculum includes:

  • Positions (foundation to all naked training)

  • Leash pressure (humans speak human, dogs speak dog, our unique approach to leash pressure teaches a common third language)

  • Easy (walk on a slack leash)

  • Sit/ Stay

  • Down/ Stay

  • Recall (come)

  • Nay (no or stop)

  • Hupp (jump up on on people or furniture but only on command; unless commanded never jump up)

  • Off (direct your dog to get off of a person or furniture after having been instructed to jump up)

  • Etiquette around people (no inappropriate sniffing, etc)

  • Etiquette around other dogs


We will also address any behavioral issues you may be having with your dog including housebreaking and aggression to dogs or people


Step 2: Naked Obedience In-Motion    

3 weeks with graduation guaranteed!



The curriculum includes:

  • Relaxed Heel

  • Down-in-motion

  • Furthering the off-leash recall


In this course your dog moves into motion commands including heeling, down-in-motion and coming from a distance and under everyday distractions. In our experience the down-in-motion is one of the most useful commands. There is nothing natural about a dog walking or running and suddenly dropping instantly to the ground without slowing down and in one downward movement. What dogs naturally want to do is come to their owner first, slow down and do the down exercise in a series of steps usually starting by sitting. 


The down-in-motion enables you to stabilize a situation with your dog anywhere anytime regardless of the situation, even if your dog is running in the opposite direction! This one command has saved so many lives where calling a dog could have caused them to run into traffic. Even having a glass break on a kitchen floor can be disastrous if a dog comes running into the kitchen. Stopping your dog instantly is so important.

Your dog walking on a slack leash is useful. An exercise learned in our Naked Obedience Basics. The ability to have your dog walk right beside your leg as another level of control and ease to walking your dog around other people, dogs and traffic.

There are different levels of being able to recall your dog. The highest level being your dog running in the opposite direction after something he or she loves more then life itself and you being able to get him or her to spin around on a dime to instantly come. This Naked Obedience In-Motion program does not deliver that result, but it's the next and very essential step in the process.

Step 3: Naked Obedience Finishing     

3 weeks with graduation guaranteed!


Some dogs may already be performing off-leash prior to entering this program. Just because your able to have off-leash control in your everyday life does not mean you will have complete off-leash control anywhere anytime regardless of the situation. Achieving that level of control is the focus of Naked Obedience Finishing.

The first steps are you being able to regain control with us providing extreme distractions and sabotage (we are very good at it and in all likelihood you will initially loose control). That in itself is important skill set and confidence builder. This is usually done first on-leash and then using a very light long-line. The send step is off-leash with mild distractions and sabotage. The third step is off-leash, extreme distractions and sabotage yet you remain in complete control.

Naked Obedience Comprehensive    $2,500      

6 weeks with graduation guaranteed! 


An alternative to steps 1, 2 and 3

This program involves us training all nine weeks of classes starting with the very first day. Don’t worry, if your dog is able to enter this program you won’t have extensive homework assignments. The handling instruction and homework is very easily accomplished. Not every dog can enter this comprehensive program. For those dogs who can it shortens the training process and saves money.

Getting to Naked     

$50 class (group)   

$150 (private)  

This CE program is designed for owners who want help with maintaining optimal performance off-leash long term. It is also useful for owners who want to have their dogs go from being a "nearly naked dog" (still wearing a remote collar but seldom using it) to truly a 'naked dog'  - no collar yet impeccable manners and complete off-leash control.

This is a group class and is available to graduates of Steps 1, 2 and 3 as well as graduates of our Naked Obedience Comprehensive program.