Training Programs

This is a video of “Daggen”, an Irish Terrier sent to us from Guadalajara, Mexico for our Naked Obedience program. Prior to our Naked Obedience Daggen was uncontrollable on or off-leash, he had to be kept outdoors due to chewing, jumping and nipping children as well as overall unruly behavior. Our training not only provided off-leash control and manners but enabled Daggen to be calmer, and feel more balanced.

We have three Naked Obedience programs plus the option of just Naked Solutions (addressing only behavioral problems).

Naked Obedience Fundamentals              $1,995

Our Naked Obedience Fundamentals is made up of 10 days of training at our training center and one 2 hour class of handling instruction.

We work for these 10 days on whatever you want addressed. The curriculum can be Naked Obedience, manners, Naked Solutions (addressing behavioral issues) or service dog training.

If additional training is needed it can be done at the Day School rate of $125 a day, ProCare (day care with performance training) at a rate of $50 a day or through attending additional training classes with your dog ($75 a class at training center/ $150 at your home)

Naked Obedience Extended                       $3,500

Unlike Naked Obedience Fundamentals where you’re paying for 10 days of training, with Naked Obedience Extended are paying for a specific curriculum. While our target is completion in two to three weeks there is no set time. You are paying for functional results. These functional results are results with you handling in your everyday life. After all we are professional trainers. What difference does it make with what they can do for us.

The curriculum includes:

  • “Easy” (walk on a slack leash)
  • “With me” (remain by your side)
  • Sit/ Stay
  • Down/ Stay
  • Down-in-Motion
  • Recall (come)
  • Nay (no or stop)
  • Wait (remain behind natural boundary such as a threshold to a doorway, sidewalk, etc)
  • “Hupp” (jump on people or furniture on-command)
  • “Off” (on-command get off of person or furniture)
  • Never jump up (people or furniture) unless instructed
  • Etiquette around people (no inappropriate sniffing, etc)
  • Etiquette around other dogs
  • Home Etiquette (remain calm and well-behaved without needing a command to do so)

We will also address any behavioral issues you may be having with your dog.

Naked Obedience Complete                      $4,500

This is the program which developed our international clientele.

We add additional commands to our Naked Obedience Extended program along with emphasis on integrating performance.

The additional commands are motion commands involving how close your dog must remain to you. These additional commands are great for owners who want complete off-leash control but want to give their dog freedom while out and about. This includes the option of your dog remaining within 12 foot radius, a 3 foot radius or in the formal heel command.

When it comes to integrating performance this additional time directly effects how your dog will perform for you as he or she does for us. The more integrated the training becomes the easier it is to transfer. This integration of training includes working with your dog out in public as well as being handled by multiple trainers.

The average time for this program is 3 to 4 weeks. As with our Naked Obedience Extended program, result are guaranteed. You are paying for results, pure and simple.

Additional exercises include:

  • Hena (remain within 3 feet)
  • Mazie (remain within 12 feet)
  • Heel (formal heel including the automatic sit)

Naked Solutions $100.00/ class ($150 in-home)

The single thing which motivates us the most is changing the lives of dogs and their owners. It’s a real privilege to come into someone’s life and have that effect. No where is it more noticeable than when addressing behavioral problems. That is what Naked Solutions is all about.

If an owner is not interested in their dog having impeccable manners right now, or achieving complete off-leash control (Naked Obedience), we are happy to address just behavioral problems.

If your dog is pulling, jumping, chewing or needs housebreaking, it may be an easy fix. If that is all you’re interested in you may be able to schedule just one or two in-home visits. What we love to see are the “really bad boys and girls”. The dogs that every trainer, veterinarian and behaviorist has given up on. That’s where we can literally change someone’s world, and in some cases even save a life. So, go ahead, challenge us!