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Naked Obedience: Board & Train

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The greatest results in the shortest period of time

We offer two Naked Obedience programs, Naked Obedience Fundamentals and Naked Obedience Complete. The two programs are both designed to get your dog to the same place: impeccable manners, complete off-leash control and resolve any behavioral issues. The question is how much a part of integrating your dog's training do you want to play? The difference is between enjoying your dog's newly learned skills versus those skills becoming habit and those habits becoming second nature.

Naked Obedience Fundamentals                       $2,950  (2 weeks)


First, what are you paying for and what should you expect in return? You are paying for functional results in your everyday life. It doesn't matter what we as professional trainers can get your dog to do for us at our training center. For that matter it doesn't matter what we can get your dog to do for you at our training center either. The only criteria that matters is your dog's performance, behaviors and manners at home, in your yard, going for a walk, visiting friends, etc.

Our target is for your dog to complete this program in a 2 week period of time. This includes comprehensive training by us daily whether enrolled in our bed & breakfast program (your dog boards with us or goes home with a trainer) or our Day School (drop off and pick up daily) program. There is no set time limit. You are paying for functional results. The same when it comes to handling instruction. Our target is 3 to 4 handling classes after training is completed. If functional results require additional handling classes they are all included.


The curriculum includes:

  • “Easy” (walk on a slack leash)

  • “With me” (relaxed heel)

  • Sit/ Stay

  • Down/ Stay

  • Recall (come)

  • Nay (no or stop)

  • Wait (remain behind a natural boundary such as a threshold to a doorway, sidewalk, etc)

  • Only jump up (on people) on command

  • Only jump up (on furniture) on command (unless you want to allow your dog to regularly be up on furniture)

  • “Hupp” (a command inviting your dog that it’s okay to jump up on you or furniture)

  • “Off” (a command directing your dog to get off of person or furniture after having been invited to jump up)

  • Etiquette around people (no inappropriate sniffing, etc)

  • Etiquette around other dogs

  • Home Etiquette (remain calm and well-behaved without needing a command to do so)


We will also address any behavioral issues you may be having with your dog.


Naked Obedience Complete                      $6,500 (6 weeks)


This is the Naked Obedience program which has developed our international clientele. The longer we train your dog once he or she has ALREADY learned our Naked Obedience Fundamentals program, the more we can refine and solidify your dog's performance. In other words, we take newly learned skills and develop them further into becoming habits, and take these newly formed habits and develop them into becoming second nature.

It’s the very same with people. Let’s say a coach was hired to teach an athlete a specific skill which took 3 weeks. Presumably, the athlete would be able to start using these skills functionally the very next week. If instead the coach continued to teach the same material for another 3 weeks using repetition but also integrating the new skills while using established skills and creating confusion and asking for the skills in the midst of it. In all likelihood by the end of 6 weeks these skills learned 6 weeks ago would now be not only habit but second nature. Just replace the coach with our trainers, and the athlete with your dog and that’s our Naked Obedience Complete program.

We can also add additional commands to your dog’s performance including a formal heel, finish, a command to remain within a 12 to 15 ft radius and just about anything else you may want your dog to learn.


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