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Naked Obedience: Board & Train

happy dog with leash in its mouth

When it comes to dog training our board & train is the easiest path to  impeccable manners and complete off-leash control.

Board & Train


Dogs can be enrolled in our dog training programs either through our day school or board & train option. Our board & train option is designed for dogs to be dropped off for training and picked up upon completion. During their entire stay they remain at our training center with the exception of training excursions out in public.


Once you've decided on Board & Train you will need to choose which training program you want to enroll your dog in at our Dog Training Programs page. 

Home Care Option 

We also offer home care for dogs enrolled in our board & train option. These dogs will go home daily with a staff member which helps to further integrate their training. The cost is $50 a day and is paid directly to the staff member.

Weekends at Home Option

For most dogs there is the option for your dog to do board & train during the week and spend weekends at home. There are some behavioral problems that are addressed by remaining with us for the entire training period. The majority of the dogs we train are able to enjoy weekends at home, should their parent's choose this option.


Why Board & Train over Dog Training Classes?

The obvious benefits are it's less work to have a professional dog trainer train your dog start to finish. Dropping your dog off your unruly dog at enrollment, and picking him or her up on competition is simple, and the quickest way to optimal results. The only effort required is learning to handle your dog once trained. If you take a closer look into the nature of dog training there are far greater reasons to board & train. 

A Closer Look At Professional Dog Training Sessions

As trainers we begin each session with a plan which includes exercises we plan on teaching or refining, and the approaches we plan to use to do so. Those plans typically change over and over and over again throughout each session. We are providing the dog with information, he or she reacts to that information and we in turn react to their feedback. It's almost like an ongoing dance back and forth until we reach our desired outcome. We do so in a way that is perfect for this specific dog, on this specific day and in this specific training session. This continues throughout the training process. 

Dog Training Sessions Designed for In-Home Instruction


Let's contrast that with our dog training classes. Our classes have always involved owners bringing their dogs in for us to train in front of them. We would typically do two training 15 minute sessions with a short break in between. We would then have to choose one approach to training that the owner would use every training session for the next 7 days. We would then demostrate that approach to the owner. Then have the owner handle their dog in front of us. We would then coach their handling to insure they are able to do their "homework" with their dog as instructed. 

Four to Six Approaches a Day vs One Approach For a Week

Imagine, one approach that is suppose to be used several times a day by their owner everyday for a week. Contrast that with the approach often changing 4, 5 even 6 times a session, every session through the day. Then we continue taking this approach day after day until training is completed. 

Dog Training Classes Are Limited

We are not saying dog training classes don't work. They do, but they are limited. The process is time consuming for the owner. The approach does not support a dog thriving, and seldom achieves impeccable manners, complete off-leash control or resolve behavioral issues. For this reason we have stopped offering dog training classes as a stand alone approach. Our classes are to teach owner's how to handle their dog we've already trained.

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