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Puppy Training

We offer puppy training, and a whole lot more. Consider us your coach starting as early as before you bring your "little guy or girl" home.

Importance of Early Puppy Training

For a puppy, imprinting begins with each new experience. Imprinting helps to determine just what type of dog your puppy grows into as an adult. Often owners unintentionally imprint fear in place of curiosity, sensitivity in place of resilience and dependence in place of confidence and boldness.


Just as we want our children to grow into adults who confidently go out into the world, the same is true with our dogs. Yet the second most common reason people bring us their dogs for training is aggression. Aggression towards people and/ or other dogs. This aggression typically comes out as the dog goes through puberty (7 to 14 months old). In most cases the insecurity has been imprinted when they were puppies.

Training Programs for Puppies

As a general rule the younger the puppy, the slower the training process.  We have created individual training modules based on breed, personality, and age related abilities.


We have one module for young puppies (Kindergarten) and 4 modules for older puppies (16 weeks+). For most of the puppies programs we recommend two weeks in-between each module starting with Puppy Level I.   


The modules all include 5 days of comprehensive training at our training center. Puppies can be dropped off for the day (Day School option), left with us for the 5 days (board and train option) or come to school during the day and go home with a trainer (Home Care option).

Training Modules

(each module is $1250 or all five modules for $3950)


These individual modules are designed to bring a puppy all the way through complete off-leash control. They do so at the pace for the individual puppy.

Kindergarten $1,250

Program includes: motivational sit, down, stay, recall, with me (relaxed heel); crate training; walking on slack leash, come on (follow), address barking, chewing, biting, jumping, walk up and down stairs, etc.

Puppy  Level  1  $1,250        (16 to 20 weeks+ depending on individual puppy)


Program includes: sit; down; stay; recall; Hena (stay within 6 feet)


Puppy Level 2  $1,250


Program includes: Understanding remote stimulation as a foundation for off-leash control


Puppy Level 3  $1,250


Program includes: off-leash control (in everyday life)

Puppy Level 4   $1,250


Program includes: With me (stay within 2 feet); Off-leash control with distractions

Comprehensive Training Program

Our Naked Obedience Fundamentals is a comprehensive training program the same as offered with our programs for adult dogs. The program has been designed for puppies and adults who able to progress at a steady pace a learning. The program does provide the fastest path (2 weeks) to functional results, and at a savings over training modules. To enroll a puppy in this program requires an evaluation. Most puppies accepted into this program are at least 5 months old or have bold personalities and are high in energy, drive and motivation. 

For more information on Naked Obedience Fundamentals see our Training Programs page. 

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