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Puppy Training

cute puppy chewing on a dog toy

We offer puppy training, and a whole lot more. Consider us your coach starting as early as before you bring your "little guy or girl" home.

Importance of Early Puppy Training

For a puppy, imprinting begins with each new experience. Imprinting helps to determine just what type of dog your puppy grows into as an adult. Often owners unintentionally imprint fear in place of curiosity, sensitivity in place of resilience and dependence in place of confidence and boldness.


Just as we want our children to grow into adults who confidently go out into the world, the same is true with our dogs. Yet the second most common reason why people bring us their dogs for training is aggression. Aggression towards people and/ or other dogs. This aggression typically comes out as the dog goes through puberty (7 to 14 months old). In most cases the insecurity has been imprinted while they were puppies.

Dog Training Programs for Puppies

As a general rule the younger the puppy, the slower the training process. As a result we prefer most puppies be at least 16 weeks or older before enrolling in our Naked Obedience Quick Start program. Until then, we offer training solutions and coaching for young puppies. Do keep in mind every puppy is different. Some puppies are ready for our Quick Start program sooner than 16 weeks, and some may need to be older than 16 weeks before enrolling. 


We offer two puppy training programs for young puppies:

Preschool          $295.00


Preschool is designed to assist owners with getting started with their new puppy. These include essentials involved in developing your dog's personality. These essentials MUST begin within the first few days of your puppy coming home. Our preschool program also includes housebreaking, and when to begin teaching manners along with control. All of this is adapted to your puppy and your specific needs. Also included is imprinting the recall and bedtime commands.


This program includes 2 classes and ongoing coaching on preschool curriculum 


Puppy Kindergarten    $495.00


Our Kindergarten is designed for unruly puppies as well as owners who need more control, but are not ready to enroll their puppy in our Quick Start program. In this program we also begin to address basic manners and behavioral problems. These include the following:


  • walking on a slack leash

  • jumping

  • nipping

  • chewing

  • house breaking (including preventing accidents, barking in protest to being in the crate, bathroom issues in the crate, etc)


This program includes 2 days of days school, 2 classes and unlimited coaching

Naked Obedience Quick Start

For more information on our Naked Obedience Quick Start program for your puppy see our Dog Training Programs page. For puppy owners concerned that our Quick Start program is an adult program, and not specifically puppy training, no need to be concerned. All of our training is geared towards the specific dog we are training. Naturally a 16 week old puppy enrolled in our Quick Start program will be trained differently than a 1 year old dog enrolled in the same training program. 

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