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Imagine  .  .  .

. . . your dog having impeccable manners

and complete off-leash control

If you have complete control of your dog anywhere anytime then it also means you don't have to be controlling. Your dog can enjoy freedom in your yard, neighborhood, in downtown Boston or in the case of Titian in New York City.

Daggen is an Irish Terrier who was sent to us from Guadalajara Mexico. At home Daggen was chewing on everything he could find, jumping up on and scratching children and stealing food whenever he could find it. These were not even his worst behaviors!
When Daggen was let out into the yard (several acres fenced in with caretakers to interact with) he would either find a way to escape (and fight with any dog he met) or actually break into the house through screens if he saw someone or something he wanted! He did the same thing inside if he wanted to get out.  

You don't have to have a horror story like Daggen's to have your dog benefit from Naked Dog Training. Just know if you do have a "Daggen" we can help!

An International Dog Training Center

(located just 25 minutes north of Boston in Methuen, Massachusetts)

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A unique system of understanding, communicating and instructing dogs; the process of creating free-spirited dogs with impeccable manners and complete off-leash control; a way of changing, modifying or controlling unwanted behaviors. 

Got Distractions? 

If you own a dog then everyday distractions like other dogs being walked by their owners, neighborhood children and even your own guests can sabotage your dog. That is unless he or she has training, Naked Dog Training.

We like to think this German Shepherd Jopo (formerly out-of-control) and this Monkey (still out-of-control!) are a good example of what's possible.